How it works

How to Sign in and update your profile

The Courier Express team is simplifying its business platform to make it much easier to book a Courier with us.

All you need to do is follow the below steps and Login with your details and start booking your couriers online!

Please note: We will not be accepting bookings via Email or Mobile from the 1st March 2021 onwards.

Simply click on the "Courier Express Booking Site" button below which will take you to our Online Booking Page.
From there, navigate to the top right corner and click "Login/Signup" to get started.

Step 1 - Sign in

Input your Login details and Contact information.  An email will be sent to your inbox guiding you to follow the instructions to activate and confirm your account.


Step 2 - Update Profile

Once you are logged in, proceed to the "Edit Profile" tab to provide us with all your information such as:

1. Vat Number
2. Mobile Number
3. Billing Address and Email

Click Save Changes and now you're ready to create a New Job!

How to Create a Booking

Below please find a Step by Step guide on how to make a booking through the Courier Express Booking Site

Visit and login with your username and password.

Make your booking!

From there you can input the pick up and delivery location in the  following fields and tick the "Return Job" box if you would like the parcel to be returned to you after it has been delivered. 

Next tick:

  1. How many parcel/s you would need delivered to the same location and
  2. Express team to pay any service fees on your behalf. This applies mainly to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Choose the service type from the following options:

  1. Letter Parcel: All letter/s fit on a Motorbike
  2. Bike Bulk Parcel: All parcel/s fit on a Motorbike
  3. Car Bulk Parcel: All parcel/s fit in a medium size Car

Followed by the Priority of the Delivery:

  1. Same Day Delivery: Delivery to be made within the same day of pick up
  2. Express Delivery: Delivery to be made within 1 hour of pick up

Once these options have been confirmed, the last step is to provide us with the Delivery and Pick up Information.

  1. Name, surname and mobile number of the person from whom we will be Picking up and to whom we shall be Delivering the parcel/s.
  2. Notes related to Pick up and Delivery.
  3. Any internal reference code (for example: an accounting code).

.........and CONFIRM your booking, that's it! Your booking has been passed to the Courier Express team.

How to Cancel and/or Create a New Order

Once an order has been placed, you will be asked whether you would like to Create a "New Order" or "Cancel" the order you have just placed. 

Very Important - A job can only be cancelled immediately after a job has been created. You will be prompted to confirm that
you would like to Cancel the order and can do so by clicking "Cancel".

Cancel your Order

Clicking "New Order" Will take you to the beginning of the Booking Site to input your delivery information for a new booking.

How to Create and use Templates

After creating a confirmed delivery order, you will also be given the choice to save the information you have just inputted in the form of a Template
This can be done by scrolling down to the bottom of the Confirmation page and clicking the "SAVE THIS JOB AS A TEMPLATE" button.

How to Create and use Templates

You will then be asked to give a reference to this template and would need to click "SAVE". A confirmation will pop up advising that your template has been saved.

To reuse this Template for another Job you would simply go back to the booking Page and click the "USE ADDRESS BOOK" tab and click "Load".

This will load up all the information saved on this Template and you would need to click "CONFIRM" to pass the booking to the Courier Express team.